There is little better than an indoor kids play area.

When you think about having a child, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the fact that they are a ton of work.  You will never be able to stop with the responsibility until the moment the kids turns 18 and you get to boot them out of the house.  That is a joke, you will never have to not be responsible for your child.  They only get to be more responsible for themselves in the process.  Nevertheless, this can lead to wearing on the adults as they seek a respite from having to constantly look after the kid. From the school to the sports field, parents always have to have their protective hats on.  Well, fortunately there are places out there that are kid safe and friendly.  Lollipop Park is a kid-friendly and safe indoor playground.  It is located in Centennial, Colorado and is only a twenty minute, convenient drive from downtown Denver.

kids party placesThe site is able to host large numbers of kids in a safe and stable environment, so that the parents too can let off a little bit. That is not to say that the parents can go off drinking a ton of alcohol, but it allows the parents the opportunity to make themselves a bit more comfortable in the process.  The fun thing about this is that when you get a group of parents together, who do not have to worry about their kids, there is a good chance that they will be able to let loose a bit and maybe have some fun themselves.  This is not something that is possible to guarantee, but nevertheless it is an option that is available.  One has to wonder what parents did for fun when there was not an indoor play center available for kids to run around and act crazy in a safe environment.

Such locations are available for a number of different kinds of events.  One of those events is the development of a party that culminates the beginning of a new year of life.  Many cultures tend to call this event a birthday, although other cultures argue that you only have one birthday, so that doesn’t make much sense.  Nevertheless, Lollipop Park is a great place to invite friends and family to come out and enjoy the family’s presence.  In the play area, kids can have their birthday and run wild in the process. Experienced staff will oversee the kids, so that the parents can get into their own trouble.  It makes it much easier on everyone involved that way and it allows for the parents to actually spend as little time as possible with their children, which is common knowledge for the most part.  Beyond the play area, there is some good food and soda available at small costs.  Alcohol is not available because people are driving to and from the place and that would not be responsible on their end of the bargain.  Nevertheless, there are a number of bars nearby for the parents, if necessary.

Summertime brings out the kids party places

Being able to have a fun time during the summer is what is on the top of the minds of many kids today. Being able to get out and enjoy some great areas is a great way to build to really enjoy your summertime. Today there are many areas that have special places for kids to go to and play. But there is very few that can compare to that of a lollipop park. This is an area that many kids can truly see the difference in the quality and availability of the many things they can do and play on.

From different types of indoor items to play on in an indoor play center allows kids to be able to have a great time enjoying all the great activities and things that they can do to have to enjoy. With hours in fees that are based on a one time pay and stays long as you want you can have a great time with your kids that these indoor play centers. They’ll be able to have and enjoy many different things to play on. From an air bounce house to the fairest well there are many things that kids can do with their place center that is available. It makes a great place for kids birthday parties as well. Kids love to be a will to go and have parties and play all different types of these equipment that are available. For young kids it’s a great way to have them stay active and be able to have a good time.

With the vast amount of options inns rides available it will entertain them for hours and hours. kids indoor playIt can be a great place to spend a day during the summer can with the kids indoor play it can be done whenever you want. You don’t have to wait for the perfect day to go you can go inside and play. Kids party places are becoming quite popular but very few are as engaging as this one. Finding out what options are all available can help you to see what you can do to have hey good time with your kids. You can see the difference right away when it comes to replacing her like this. Just the perfect kid’s birthday party place and you’ll be oh to 30 kids party of a lifetime at a place like this. Enjoy the many options and the smiles you see you and your kids’ faces as they are able to take part in a great indoor play center. Make it yet your next birthday party place for your kids and you will make them the happiest kids on earth.

Kids love to be able to be entertained by these great kinds of things. There are many great ways in which you can have fun with them here as well. It’s a great place to bring the whole family and be able to watch the little ones as they enjoy the great amount of options they have to be able to have a great time on all the equipment to play on. Having a great birthday party place will allow your kids to have a memory that will last a lifetime. They will be a party that they’ll always remembering that a place that they’ll always remember. With a low cost of being able to get in it is a great way to be a will to have a party and enjoy it with the whole family and all of your kid’s friends. It’s a great way to make it unique and very fun filled activity for the day or for a birthday party. This kids indoor play center is going to be one that they to remember and will always want to come back to time and time again to have a great time.

Finally found a great indoor place play for my daughters birthday

Planning birthday parties for kids is always quite a bit of work and stress but having a daughter with a winter birthday makes it a lot more difficult I think. Normally there are so many fun outside things that can be done but in the middle of winter that is just not a possibility. This impediment has made me be a little bit more creative when trying to plan birthday parties with my daughter. Last year I think we finally found an option that works really well for us. We found this indoor kids birthday party place that has pretty much everything you could ever want. There is of course loads of different games and rides that are good for a wide range of age kids, ice skating, mini-golf, laser tag, a rock wall and eXer Game Zone. indoor play placeNo matter what the kids at the birthday party are into I think with the indoor play place they can all find something for them. Since there is such a large age range for the activities I also feel that we can probably use this indoor birthday play place for quite a few years to come. It is also quite reasonably priced. I can bring in my own birthday cake or ice cream along with all of the plates and forks so I can buy them cheaply at the store instead of having to pay a mark up price from the activity center, I can bring in what ever decorations I want so again, I can buy them cheaply and just set them up myself which takes a few minutes then everything is done. The kids get their wristbands and then they can run around for as long as they like. This place also doesn’t have a time limit, which is really nice. I like to let the kids play as long as they want and not have to worry about wrangling all of them out of the birthday party place as soon as our limited hours are up. When they are there the kids can also order whatever soda, juice, pizza, ice cream or other kinds of food from the place so if we decide to eat there we have that possibility. Since we don’t have to buy any of the food we can also plan a lunch at home or just schedule the party at a time where we won’t be responsible for feeding the kids lunch or dinner. Another nice thing is that there is no limit or minimum on how many kids we can invite. Sometimes my daughter wants to only invite a few good friends and some years she wants to invite everyone in the grade. It can be hard sometimes to find a place that can either hold everyone or will allow us to come as a small group. With the indoor birthday play place it doesn’t mater at all how many kids are coming so I don’t have to worry about it at all which is a nice change.

Look No Further, You’ve Found A Kids Birthday Party Place

Everyone who has a kid knows, they can be quite expensive. Just having the kid is expensive enough and by the time you get them out of their diapers and into some big boy or girl pants, they’re ready to go pre-school. This is when they begin to meet friends and you start to socialize with their parents and are hopefully able to get along with them. You can’t choose who your kids friends are going to be so just hope that the ones they choose, come from parents that you can get along with. Now, once your kid has all of these friends, then, they’re bound to have a birthday coming up, which means that you’ve got to throw them a party and invite their friends. There are a few ways that you can go about this but no matter what, it’s going to cost you some money so the best thing you can do is make every effort possible to limit your expenses. One kid’s expensive enough but 10 of them? That’s almost the equivalent to feeding and entertaining an entire army and it takes just as much energy as well. A lot of fun places that are designed to entertain children for their birthdays, or in general, are very expensive. They often charge by the hour, force you into buying a package that includes decorations, food, cake and beverages and then when your hour’s up, then they kick you out. Now, that doesn’t sound too fun does it? Plus, how much fun are these kids going to be able to have in only one hour? And that’s where they get you, they know that one hour isn’t enough and that you’re going to most likely want to buy another hour or two.birthday party place

Take some advice from me, there’s a better way. If you’re looking for a great place to hold your kid’s party and you’re looking for a birthday party place that is going to knock their socks off, Lollipop Park is the place to go. They’re open for most of the day and there’s never a time limit imposed on how long you and your party can stay and enjoy the festivities. There’s no better place for the kids to have fun and for you to save some money in the process, the entrance fee for each kid is all that’s required in order for them to stay and have fun all day long. It’s an indoor play center so no matter what the weather is like, all the kids will be able to play inside all day long without having to worry about being struck by lightening or taken away by a surprise tornado. It’s the only kids birthday party place that I know of that has an indoor amusement park complete with a carousel, bouncing castle, train ride, swing ride, teacup ride and of course, a Ferris wheel. All rides are unlimited with paid admission as well, so yours and everyone else’s kids will be able to go round and round, as much as they want.

Making my ex-wife jealous by taking our kids to an indoor play center

After my wife and I broke up, I decided that I needed to offer the kids something that she wouldn’t be able to.  I only get the kids every other weekend, so I don’t have much time to impress them.  During my youngest’s last birthday, I was in charge of planning the birthday party because it happened to fall on my weekend.  I didn’t know to much about it so I consulted the internet and looked through reviews.  I came across the concept of the indoor play center and it just seemed like it would be fun.  After a little more research I found the one with the best reviews.  It was Lollipop Park Indoor Children’s Amusement Park.  I went there after work one day before booking it.  The thing that struck me about it was that the staff was so fun and happy to be working there.  I decided immediately that this was the place and booked it.  I wasn’t sure what the kids would think.  I hoped that they would enjoy it, but I just didn’t know what they would think.  When the day of the party came, I was really nervous.  It turned out that there was no reason to be.  All the kids loved it, especially my youngest.  They got to play video games, rock climb, and play laser tag.  They also stuffed their faces the whole day.  If there was anything wrong with the day, it was that my kids got sick from all the soda and candy they ate.  I had no idea that a kids birthday party place could be so fun.  I even took a chance in the laser tag arena.  Although it didn’t turn out well.  I think I pulled my hamstring actually, which is kind of a big deal because I’ve heard that hamstring injuries linger for months.  When I dropped my kids off at their mother’s, they were sorry to see me leave.  I got a call the next day from their mother.  She called to complain about the fact that the kids were sick from sugar when I dropped them off.  I was happy about that.  Knowing that it bothered their mother that they had such a good time with me, I decided that I should make the trip to Lollipop Park something more regular.  Who says that birthday party places are just for birthdays.  Needless to say, it didn’t take much to convince my kids that we should visit Lollipop Park more often.  They were so excited.  I could feel their love for me skyrocket.  I made a few rules for our weekly trips to the park.  First off, we had to limit our sugar intake.  We did this by making a rule that they could only drink one soda.  I also wanted them to spend time playing games that required exercise like rock climbing more than video games.  it worked.  We go there every weekend and have a lot of fun.  Every time I drop them off at their mother’s, she is furious.  So it’s great.

Our favorite place for a kids birthday party

kids indoor play


One of my favorite positions I’ve ever held was one that I wasn’t even paid for. I was an “event planner” for my church youth group and I was in charge of making reservations for bowling nights, paintball games, 10k races and kids birthday parties. I wasn’t even paid for the position but I always took it very seriously because I knew that event planning was something I was passionate about and something I wanted to make a living doing one day. It was not only fun for me but a great challenge as well. With over fifty kids and counting in our church youth group, I had a lot of different tastes to take into consideration and I had to make sure each activity was safe and kid friendly above all. Some of my favorite nights were the “lock-ins” that we held at the church itself. There were adult chaperones to make sure nothing got out of control but it was always a fun night filled with games, songs, fun and a lot of laughs. Some of the more challenging field trips I organized was the day at the go-kart track and the roller skating outing. The go-kart track was difficult because some of the kids were too small and couldn’t ride the cars. The most successful night we had was to celebrate the new year at an indoor play center called Lollipop Park. It was a total home run because there truly was something for everyone of all ages. Even the parents enjoyed themselves and were able to relax in the food court. It was a great night!

The saved birthday party

For my daughter’s birthday party this year I had rented one of those princess bouncy castles, clowns, entertainers, the whole thing. I went so into planning this party that I got a bit of a reputation around the block of being the crazy mom but I just wanted this to be perfect for her. But of course, anything that can go wrong will. On a perfectly sunny, blue-sky day everything gets set up and ready to go and then, you know it, it starts to rain. And not little baby rain either. Serious rain. Enough rain that we had to bring everything inside and essentially cancel the party. I felt terrible. My daughter was looking forward to this so much and now we had nothing. In a desperate attempt to find anything I opened Google and went at it. The best looking option was a birthday party place. They didn’t need a deposit, there were no time limits so we were able to let the kids play for the whole time we had planned to hold the other birthday party and there were no minimum number of kids required.

Kids indoor play centerWhen I told my daughter we were going to pack everyone up in the vans and move them to a new place she was devastated. This was her party and she wasn’t about to give it up. After a few tears we got her in the car and were on our way. As soon as we pulled up to the kids party place her eyes lit up and she shot out of the car. It made me so happy to see her so excited. Even though it wasn’t what we had originally planned I feel like I was able to give her the birthday she wanted.

Riding all the indoor rides

So, for my son’s birthday party, he said that he just wants to ride all the indoor rides that he can.  Of course, they have to be indoor because it is the dead of winter, but thankfully there are several places around town that provide indoor play centers for kids to have birthday parties at.  So we went ahead and booked a party time and invited some friends along and spent the entire day at the play place, just having a great party and riding all the rides.  They have an indoor ferris wheel, and that was good for several hours of fun under the roof in a warm building.  Then they moved on to the tea cup ride and the other spin type rides that I can’t go on because they totally make me sick and queasy.  So instead I sat those ones out and just watched them spin and spin and have a great time.  And then there were also the funny carnival mirrors that you can stand in front of that make you look different shapes and like other funny things.  There were even rides that fling you like on a swing, so that you go forward and back again really quickly.  All in all, I would say that the birthday party place was tough to beat, and it was exactly perfect for the kids and what my son wanted for his birthday.  I love that we don’t have to wait for the summer fair to go play on rides in town.

indoor play center


Time passes us by, make memories with your child

kids indoor playIt seems that with each passing year time goes faster and faster.  It never really hit me until I started to have children, how quickly time goes.  This becomes ever more apparent when it comes to my children’s birthday. I try to make each child’s birthday something special.

For my eldest child’s tenth birthday  we are going to a kids indoor play center. It will be something the kids will remember forever.  There are games, rides,slides and so many activities. What is great is that it is indoors. So we do not have to worry about the weather holding our or ruining the party. Plus they will take care of all the elements. All I have to do is bring the kids and the cake.  These indoor play centers will take care of the rest.

Deciding on a place is not always going to be easy, but if you are careful then you should be able to find a good place to have fun. Make sure that you decide whether or not you want your children to do certain activities before you come up with a final decision. There are a number of different options out there with any given idea your kids might have, so try and figure out how you want to move forward. There are a whole lot of different ways in which you can plan an activity like this, but it really revolves around your willingness to make a decision. In time you should be able to find the perfect solution, but you really need to put yourself in the right frame of mind when looking for a Birthday Party Place.

Parties For Kids

indoor play centerWhen you have to throw a party for a large group of children, I can tell you exactly where to turn. Check out one of these kid’s birthday party places, there all over the place, I’m sure there’s one in your hometown. Every time I take my kids and their friends, they seem to have a great time. There’s lots of stuff to do, and most of it requires physical activity, so by the end of the day they are tired and worn out.

The indoor play center we always go to has lots of different activities, so no one ever gets bored. They even have a roller skating rink at this one, and the walls are padded so there’s less chance for injury. They also have a few semi-organized sporting events that my kids love to take part in. For example, my son Seth loves to play soccer. For his last birthday the center organized a soccer game between him and all his friends. They didn’t keep score or anything, but it looked really fun.

I honestly can’t think of a better place to take your kids for their next birthday party. Everything is taken care of for you, the food, the cake, and the fun. The best part of it is, someone else cleans it all up when you are finished. Imagine having a party at your house, you know as well as I do that have a dozen or so kids running around is going to destroy it. By the end of the party you’ll be too tired to clean, leaving you with a big job the next day. Why not let the pros handle it instead?

Something for everyone here at Lollipop

kids indoor play

My oldest son was complaining about having to chaperone for his younger sisters birthday at this kids birthday party place. I could understand where he was coming from because he just turned thirteen and to him he was a teenager now and this kids stuff was for just that, “kids”. I promised him we would do something more his age next weekend if he helped me out and he agreed. In fact, not only was agreeable to helping out, when we got there I think he ended up having more fun than anyone else! He took off scrambling around the ramps and slides, ball pits and monkey bars. I didn’t know if he was keeping an eye on the younger ones or visa versa! After a while he and the other children had worked up quite the appetite so I scheduled a two o’clock lunch hour. No running, rough housing, no yelling or any of that. Just an hour of peace and quiet and everyone recharging their batteries for the next two hours of mayhem. Meanwhile during lunch I had an assistant of mine hide Easter eggs throughout the indoor play center. The kids don’t know it yet but right before we release them from lunch we are going to tell them about the hidden eggs. They will be divided into two teams and the whichever team finds the most eggs will get ice cream. Actually both teams will get ice cream but this will keep them occupied for a while and they will love it!

Oh how I hate parties

Let me just start off by saying that I love parties. I love adult parties and dinner parties, and I don’t mind nice birthday parties at the house. BUT, I absolutely hate planning birthday parties for my son that requires going to a separate venue. Don’t get me wrong, I want to make my son happy, but sometimes kids party places are hectic and difficult to find in the first place. Therefore, I hate parties.

Ever since his last birthday, my ten year old son had told me that he wants to go to a kids indoor play center for his birthday. So naturally, I research like a mad woman to find a place near our house that accommodates a kids indoor play center. Nada.

It wasn’t until I expanded my research by an extra ten miles away from our house that we were able to find this place. However, this causes an entirely different problem: distance. So, in order to get all of Jake’s friends’ parents on board to let their kid attend Jake’s party, I had to pull out the stops.

Here’s what I did. My husband and I rented out a “party bus,” it was more like a small bus that had fun music for the kids. We were able to have it meet us at our house and bring all of the parents and kids along to the party place. It is a good thing I have a great husband with a great mind, because I never would have thought of that.

I Need the Lollipop Park Now

There are plenty of kids party places in your area, but you want to ensure that you’re getting the best. Even if you feel as though the company that you’re going to hire is not satisfying enough, that is why you should look elsewhere. Go through your local Yellow Pages go through Internet searches and really look forward to ensuring that your kid is going to be satisfied on his birthday. The matter what you have to do make it happen because your child only get one child that each birthday that come should be one that is going be remembered for years. Your child just want to have a good time and he wants to know that his parents care about him. That is why it is up to you the parent to ensure that this happens. Ensuring that you get a kid indoor play center is going to be something that you will definitely ensure that you get. If you have any questions or concerns as to what you should do, call around today and see what other people say for you. You have plenty of things that you can do for yourself so ensure that it happens and that your kid is always satisfied with everything that can happen no matter what. As a parent your number one satisfaction should be ensuring that your kid is satisfied with everything including is birthday. The only get one every year so make it the most enjoyable time of his life.

5 Kid birthday ideas

Planning a kids birthday party places a special kind of pressure on the parents.  They want to make their kid happy but they do not want to blow their paycheck doing so.  Which begs the question, how do you throw an awesome party for you kid without breaking your budget.  Here are some great kid party ideas.


1. Superheroes Birthday Party

Not just for boys anymore. Superheroes is a great theme.  Decorate your home like a comic strip, have kids dress up and play Batman themed games. Or you can have them watch some of the movies, or pretend they are their favorite superhero.

2.  Barbie Birthday Party

This is a great idea if you little girl is a big fan of Barbie.   You can decorate the house in bright pinks, Barbie’s signature color,  and buy all sorts of Barbie themed plates, cuts streamers and the like.

3.  Their favorite movie or animated character.

This can depend on each kid, some may love Dora the explorer, other kids love Spongebob.  Just pick what your kid likes and get all the themed products and games.  You can even have a cake fashioned after them.

4. Swim party

This is always a popular option for kids.  Whether it is outdoors or at an indoor swimming pool, kids love going to waterparks and they love parties so it is a no brainer.

5.  Magician

Having a magician come to any child’s party is always fun.  Kids are mystified and intrigued by all the tricks and theatricallity of magic.

Well many people choose to throw their kid’s party at an indoor play center. But, if you want to do a more personal touch here are some themes you can easily do at home.

Helping Your Kids to Have a Ton of Fun

When you are wanting your kids to have a really amazing time, one of the best things you can do is to have Kids Indoor Play activities at any number of different locations. These are places that specialize in helping kids to have a great time in a safe environment, and they do so exceptionally well most of the time. This is definitely something that can make a huge difference in terms of how your kids end up celebrating, because there is nothing worse than not being able to have fun. In no time at all you should be able to enjoy these times with your kids, and hopefully be able to take advantage of some pretty amazing activities. There are a number of different things you can do together, it is all a matter of how you plan things out.

Some of these places offer some really cool activities that are just not possible anywhere else, things like bouncy castles and other activities. The use of a Birthday Party Place like this can definitely elevate the amount of fun the kids will have. This is something that you should keep in mind while you are budgeting for the event, because chances are you will be able to find some pretty amazing opportunities. It is just a matter of you deciding whether or not you want to take that path, because if you do then you will have a lot of options as to what sort of activities to have.